The Act prohibits the following during pregnancy and through six weeks postpartum: • Prohibits restraints during the second and third trimester, labor and delivery, and six weeks postpartum except in certain specified instances. o If a correctional officer makes an individualized determination that such an instance exists, they must submit a written report to the administrator/warden within 5 days. If you encounter an incarcerated person who is pregnant in the second and third trimester, in active labor and delivery, or who is six weeks postpartum in restraints, it is recommended that you do the following: 1. Inform the law enforcement officer with the pregnant or postpartum person that the use of restraints are in violation of the Dignity Act as of December 2021. 2. Ask them to remove the restrains from the patient 3. If the law enforcement officer refuses to remove restraints, immediately contact the local sheriff's office from which the patient is currently being housed 4. Report violation to (LINK)